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Missouri River Rifle Works Hatfield Kentucky Rifle

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Cool rifle Rock.  Oh, and great pics too!

Rock you must stop this right now!I'm getting to the point of jealousy )[.
                                                                           Fly )

Beautiful, just beautiful. Good luck with it Rock.

Rock Island:
Don't worry, these are all from the archive, I have not bought any new guns this year, I am too busy hoarding, food, ammo, and components.  I do have a number of old purchases that have never been posted before, but that will take me time to set up.  I still have all my BP gun topics I could repost, I had them up on my forum before I ever put them on Tims so I can repost.

Rock, I drooled and left fingerprints on every Hatfield I saw in the early '80s.  Log Cabin had a few of them on the rack, and I think the only reason I didn't buy one was that I found an in-the-white rifle for less money.


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